Front Load ContainerFPB

Gable Model Multibac

Manufacturing Standards

  • Front load containers
  • 1/8" steel floor resting on two 2" high channels
  • 12 G steel walls with "V" shaped indents for greather rigidity
  • 1/8" steel channel encirculing the top of the container for added strengh
  • 3/16" steel side arms reinforced with (4) 1/4" square angles
  • 12 G steel top closed by (2) single wall high density polyethylene lids
  • 1 coat of primer inside and 2 coats of synthetic paint outside
  • High quality finish
  • Container is 100% recyclable

FPBO6, front load containers "MULTIBIN"

This new front load container design "Multibin" offers the advantage of inserting between 4 to 6 360 liter bins allowing to be emptied all at once into a front load container environmental truck.

Strong points

1/8" capped channels adding rigidity to the bottom
1/8" steel channel around the top
Ultra tough side arms
Steel rod and hinges


6" phenolic wheels and casters
Lift hooks
1 1/2" Ø drain plug
Extra 1/8" steel bottom channel
Heavy duty side arm reinforcements
10 G steel floor
Custom containers available
Delivery truck adapted to our products making you save time and money
Financing services

Plans of the different versions



Technical characteristics of the different versions

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Legend :
H: Height of tub
Lenght: Lenght of tub
Depth: Depth of tub
H Length Depth  
FPB025 2,5 800 64 83,00 76,00 Quote request
FPB06 6,0 1130 71 83,00 76,00 Quote request